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Betting Tips 1X2 Bet’s System


Step 1: Acceptance
First off. No system is a “sure” system to winning money. You will win some, you will lose some, however after trying several different systems we’ve decided that this one suites Betting Tips 1X2 better then others.


Step 2: The Formula (Loss + Desired Profit) / ((1st Odds X 2nd Odds) -1) = Amount you have to bet to gain profit
First off you need to add together previous losses to desired amount you want to win. Secondly you need to multiply the fractional odds and subtract by 1. You then divide the figures to get the amount you need to bet to get profit.


Example 1: How does it work?
Say you want to make a €10 profit off of your first bet and the betting odds are 1.50 and 2.00. Your formula would then look like this: (0 + 10) / ((1.50 X 2.00) -1) = €5. Your bet would bet €5 to get your original stake back and make a €10 profit. If you lose then look at example 2.


Example 2: What if I loose?
If you were to loose your stake then you have to add your losses to your desired winnings. If you lost the bet in Example 1 and the new betting odds were, for instance, 1.60 and 1.90 then your new formula would look like this: (5 + 10) / ((1.60 X 1.90) -1) = €7.36. To recoup losses and still make a profit you’d need to bet €7.36. If you lose again repeat step 2. If you win go to step 1.


Step 3: Recommendations
Here at Betting Tips 1X2 we recommend that this system works best with two matches per ticket. Of course you can use on single or multiple too but we have most success using doubles.


Step 4: Managing The Balance
We recommend that your initial bet (Example 1) should never be more then 5% of your balance. So if you have €100 then your first bet should be no more then €5. As your balance grows the more you can bet on your initial bet.


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