Football Betting



Football is one of the most exciting and attractive sports for people from all over the world. According to the statistics, it has more fans than any other sports game. Why do you think it is so? Well, the game itself is very interesting, and it is hard to guess its outcome. It’s simply a piece of cake for any bookmaker! If you happen to be a football fan, you know how absorbing and captivating this game is. Now imagine that you place a wager on your favorite team; now your perception of the game has intensified exponentially! That’s why most of the football fans at first get interested and then get absorbed by sports betting. But before betting on football, it would be natural to get acquainted with the rules that govern this field of activity.

Gambling as a whole is a challenge, and in order to succeed in this arena it takes lots of effort and knowledge, keenness and long sight, mother wit and patience. Football betting has some specific features which should be taken into consideration.

We will begin with taking a closer look at the league table. In fact, this point is elementary, but inaccurate use of league table data is the most common mistake novice punters make. The league table is the major leak for their (and possibly your) wallets. But don’t worry, this could be fixed very easily.

The main problem is the fact that people say the league table never lies. Well, that’s true, however, the league table alone is not enough to predict the outcome of the game. If you’re a man of sober judgment, how can you rely on such a small piece of information? Unfortunately, inexperienced bettors very often place bets taking into consideration the league table exclusively. Do you think that if the team A occupies the top position, it will definitely win the following match? Are you sure that the team B, which follows team A in the league table, doesn’t stand a chance against that team? Don’t tend to fall for the easiest path, because it’s simply unreasonable. If everything was so easy in sports betting, there would be far more successful punters. In fact, the league table is a kind of a trap, which attracts novice punters and then bars their chances for success.

However, we don’t imply that league data shouldn’t be taken into consideration at all. We just advise you to take a bit different approach towards this piece of information. It is preferable to view the league table data in retrospective, which means that you should take into consideration more than one season. This way you will be able to make a more accurate prediction.

And yet, even the league table data of several seasons won’t be enough to figure out which team has more chances for winning. Remember this once and for all: there is no place for recklessness and slapdash when it comes to sports betting. Experienced punters pore over sports journals and magazines for hours, trying to find useful hints and tips regarding the forthcoming game/match/race. Only this way you can work out a reliable prediction – through hard work.

After considering the league table, you should pay attention to the team’s form, which appears to be the second decisive factor in predicting a certain result or picking a bet.

Without any doubt it looks really impressive if a football team’s recent record  is 6-0-0 over all the last 6 games. It means that the team is in a great form and,  of course, it is worth taking into consideration. It’s just that you shouldn’t take every statistic at face value and put a great deal of trust in it.

It would be natural if you were to argue about the psychological upside of such an impressive run of wins. However, you should be able to look behind the numbers and see things how they really are.

Before placing a bet on any of the football teams you should run acid tests. It’s not a big deal actually, but amateurs tend to overlook this point. So, if it is still the early days for the season under consideration, it’s recommended to look through the games from the last season.

By the way, while browsing through statistics, take the trouble of finding out how the winnings were achieved. Sometimes the so-called freak factor takes place. What’s a freak factor, you’d ask? Well, this is a certain random occurrence, which eventually leads to winning. It doesn’t count if the victory was achieved by chance either than by mastery. That’s why there is no point in betting on such teams. You can’t expect them to win in the long run, because Fortune won’t favor one and the same team several times in a row.

It takes a lot more things to know in order to bet on football, and it’s impossible to cover all the nuances in a single article. But the previously mentioned points will be a good head start for an amateur bettor, who decided to specialize in football.