Bookmaker Promotions and Bonuses



bookmaker-bonusNowadays, sports betting has become extremely popular due to the overall spread of Internet. As you know, where there’s demand, there’s supply; and consequently the quantity of “supply” rises in direct proportion to the quantity of newly-converted gamblers.

Of course, I’m referring to the numerous bookmakers, which continue appearing every day. It’s natural that such diversity makes you dizzy. So how do the bookmakers motivate gamblers to use only their services and not turn to other bookies? The answer is simple – free bets and bonuses!

What can be more natural and motivating than attracting new customers by means of various incentives? That’s how our mind works – all of us fall for luring bonuses and free bets. Bookmakers use this lever of pressure to persuade new customers to sign up and eventually use them as a primary betting sites. Well, the folk wisdom, say “Don’t refuse a gift”, so why won’t you take advantage of numerous bonuses and free bets offered by bookmakers?

At first, let’s figure out how to find bonus offers and free bets.

If you’re still getting accustomed to the gambling process, note that bookmakers usually have a “promotions” page, where you can find all their current bonus offers and free bets. However, there is one more option. You can easily find a specialized site, where all the current bonuses and free bets of the most popular and well-known bookmakers are displayed. It should be enough for you to visit our bookmakers section, where we present detailed reviews of the operators and list their current promotions.

After finding attractive offers, why not use them to your favor? Basically, a free bet is a certain amount of money that a bookie adds to your account, thus giving you a great opportunity to bet on particular betting markets or specific bet types.

It is worth noting that a free bet has certain differences from a regular one. First of all, if you lose your bet, you actually don’t lose anything. Secondly, if your bet is successful, in most cases you receive only the profit, unlike the regular bet, where you get your initial stake as well.

Perhaps you wonder whether there are any restrictions and special conditions on Free Bets. That’s reasonable, because there are some. However, these restrictions vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. Besides that, the free bet formats differ as well. It’s very typical of some bookies to offer really generous free bets, which are accompanied by certain restrictions. Others may offer smaller free bets, but there will be fewer restrictions. Every medal has its reverse, so it’s up to you which option to choose.

Among the most common restrictions on free bets, the minimum odds requirement should be mentioned. This feature also varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, but most probably the minimum odds will range from 1.40 to 2.00, so the bet could be qualified as a free bet.

The bookmaker can also restrict the league or sports market where such bet could be placed. It also concerns the minimum deposit, and expiry date for using the free bet offer, and finally, the number of times you have to wager the free bet profit before you’ll be allowed to withdraw your winnings.

There are certain types of bonuses and free bets, for example “matching your stake” free bet. It’s very typical of a bookmaker to double the stake of your original bet, once you open an account and place your very first bet. If, for example, you bet $30, your bookmaker will take care of matching the stake with a bonus of another $30, thus giving your bet a total stake of $60. However, you should take into consideration that this offer always comes with a certain restriction. It concerns the minimum and maximum amount you can wager.

Free bet series is also a common offer among the other bookmaker promotions. It has a lot in common with the previously mentioned “matching your stake” free bet, except for one single distinction. In case of free bet series, your free bets are divided into a number of separate bets rather than a lump sum bonus. It would be better to illustrate it with an example: if you bet $70, you receive seven $10 free bets. Sounds really attractive, ey? Well, don’t get your hopes too high, because there are certain restrictions in this case as well. For example, such free bets have expiry dates, and in most of the cases the next free bet in a row will be available only after the expiry date of the previous free bet.

Among the various bookmaker bonuses, the initial deposit bonus should be mentioned. It seems like this offer has recently become less common, but anyway some bookmakers do offer this form of incentive. Basically, you get a bonus on top of your initial deposit when you open an account at one of the bookmakers. As usual, there is a condition you should take into consideration – you have to meet a turnover requirement in order to be allowed to withdraw your bonus money.

Winning first bet bonus“. It works in the following way – you just get a free bonus in case your first bet is successful. Note that you will get greater bonuses if you choose longer odds over shorter odds.

It’s not surprising that all these bonuses and free bets come with certain restrictions and conditions; after all, the bookmakers have self-interest. But if you use wisely these opportunities, they can be a good helping hand on your way to becoming a professional punter.