Betting Types



betting-typesFootball is considered to be an absolute leader among the other sports disciplines in terms of popularity. This game has millions of fans from all over the world, and according to the statistics the majority of the bets are placed rather on various soccer matches, than on any other sporting games.

Basically, you can bet on almost anything that might happen on the field. It might be bookings, corners, goals, correct score, players to score hat tricks, first scorer and lots of other different wagers. Truth be told, there are so many betting types, that even experienced punters are sometimes confused. But we won’t get into too many details, and focus primarily on several most essential football betting types.

Match Odds (1X2) is the first betting type we will consider. It is the most comprehensible betting type, which is recommended by most of the experienced punters. In case of this bet you have only three options at your disposal: you need to choose between “home win“, “draw” or “away win“. If you pick the first option, you will mark “1″ in your coupon. In case of the “draw”, you’ll indicate “x”, and if we’re speaking of an “away win”, you will indicate “2″. It is worth noting that most of the bookies have a profit margin which ranges from 5 to 12%.

When it comes to goals, there are several betting markets at your disposal. Usually the goals market uses the Over/Under 2.5 goals system. It often happens that novice bettors are confused by this kind of bet, as far as it is obvious that there is no such thing as half a goal. Essentially, if you back over, then you require three goals in order to win, but if you back under then you need no more than two goals. You should know that the profit margin for this market ranges from 6 to 8%, as in case of any other markets with only two possible options. Most bookmakers also offer over/under 3.5 and over/under 1.5, as well as other variations, which basically work in the same way as over/under 2.5.

“Total goals” is another goals market which is favored by sports bettors. In this case you will also have three options: 0-1, 2-3 and 4 or more. Well, they are self-explanatory, aren’t they?

Half-time/ full-time bets are considered to be a bit more challenging than the previously mentioned ones. The fact is that it is quite difficult to predict half-time and full-time results accurately. However, trends emerge from time to time so the bets become more worthwhile. It is worth noting that in case of half-time/ full-time bets extra-time doesn’t count. If you enjoy betting on football, there are 9 possible results. In case of ice hockey there are 27 of them. Let’s illustrate this kind of bet with an explicit example: You watch a football match between Manchester and Real Madrid. If you are willing to stick to the half time/full time wagers you might have the following options: Real Madrid wins at half time, but the whole match finishes in a draw or vice versa – draw at half time, and winning at full time; Manchester loses at half time, but regains the winning at full time and so on.

“Draw no bet is another option you have if you bet on football. The essence of this bet is quite obvious from its name – it simply means predicting the outcome of the match under consideration by excluding the possibility of a draw. So in case of the draw no bet you have only two alternatives: “home victory” or “away victory“. If the match ends in a draw the bet is refunded, but you’d better check the rules of your bookmaker.

Asian Handicap appears to be quite a tempting option for avid bettors. However, novice gamblers are often confused by Asian handicap because it’s more complex than all the other kinds of bets. This market offers very good value, that’s why it is favored by experienced punters. In case of Asian handicap the profit margins are far lower than at most of the other markets and account for several percent. The basic concept is simple: bookmakers try to even the chances of the teams/players by means of adding (for underdogs) or subtracting (for favorites) a certain number of points to and from the competitors. You can read a more detailed explanation of this betting type in an article specially dedicated to Asian handicap also available under the Betting Advice section.

There are many other kinds of bets when it comes to soccer betting. Due to the fact that soccer is incredibly popular, the betting market offers great variety which is able to accommodate the preferences of all customers.