You can be the next Powerball winner!

We have been told very often that winning the lottery is just a dream, but all we know that it’s a dream worth chasing. Just over a year ago, in January 2016 three lucky Americans won an enormous prize, one of the biggest Powerball jackpots ever. One of the tickets was sold at a convenience store in Chino Hills, California. This southern Californian city has all the making of a place where dreams are spoken into existence.

This jackpot sparked the Powerball craze all around the country. Now the rest of the world has set its sights on the million dollar draw. That’s right, you can play usapowerball from anywhere in the world, you just need to buy lottery tickets online and wait for the official draw, in a matter of seconds your life can have a radical change. The long lines at liquor stores and gas stations in the United States are now rivaled by thousands of ticket buyers from all over the world, because riches are just a few clicks away.

Just a few days ago, a middle aged woman from the American East Coast hit the jackpot, she decided to take her winnings the form of a lump sum. She wanted no spotlight or fame, all she wanted was to enjoy her hundreds of millions of dollars, which amounted to over four hundred million, after taxes.

If nobody hits the jackpot,the millions accumulate for the next draw and that is the reason behind those multimillion dollar figures. Of course that you have to subtract all the applicable taxes from the winnings, but even after that you’ll receive so much money that you can’t even spend in one lifetime. 

If you want to keep as much of the money as possible, the best thing to do is to accept your money in 29 or 30 year installments. But most winners don’t go through that route and decide to get all the money at once, even if they lose almost half of it thanks to federal, state, and sometimes city taxes. Anyhow, it would be a nice problem to have, to decide what to do with all those millions.

Visualize yourself as the next great millionaire, it doesn´t matter if you don’t live in the United States buy your Powerball tickets online and turn your life around for good, the possibility is only a couple of clicks away.


Parlays and straight bets, which is the best for me?

Betting in sports is something that almost gives us a purpose in life, we love the thrills and nothing beats the sensation of winning, especially if the odds were against us. But when we are just starting in this thrilling activity we should take it a tad slow.

The simplest type of bets are straight bets, we are sure you’ve made lots of these, even as a kid with your friends. But when you are betting through an online bookkeeper it’s a little different, because you are betting against the odds that the bookie gives to each result.

It’s a very basic concept, when two football teams face each other there is one that has more possibilities to win, so in order to entice punters to bet for the underdog bookkeepersgivethem better odds, and the favorite gets lower odds. You can always use an Asian Handicap to make the playing field more leveled, but we will talk about those types of bets in another occasion.

This is the reason football betting tips are so important. It’s impossible to be up to date with all the information surrounding matches, but with the right tips you can gain an edge over the bookkeeper and win some serious cash.

We like straight bets because they let us take better care of our bankroll. Maybe the odds are never as spectacular as they would be in a parlay, but we can still win big if we feel that the odds do not reflect the reality of the team, and happens a lot, you just have to know where to look.

But what about parlays? There is a lot we can say about them, the good and the bad. Parlays are very popular amongst punters because you can win a huge amount of money if you can hit on all the results.

A parlay is a bet where you can combine a series of straight bets to form a “super bet”. To win the bet you have to hit on all the results, and that what makes them a tricky bet. Let’s say you have a parlay with six games, you already won five and you lose the sixth one on the last minute. It all goes to waste, you end up empty handed.

Parlays are a huge temptation, but we think that they are better suited for the more experienced punter. If you are a beginner, straight bets are better for you, at least until you become a money making machine.



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